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Las Cruces Biological Station

(Robert and Catherine Wilson Botanical Gardens)

This is a privately owned reserve that belongs to the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS). Originally started by Robert and Catherine Wilson as a personal project, it was passed on to OTS. There is a total of about 210 Ha. of forest preserve and about 25 Ha. in the gardens. The gardens are filled with tropical plants, not only those native to Costa Rica, but species and ornamentals from around the world.

     The land is near San Vito de Java close to the border with Panama. It lies at more or less 1,000 meters elevation. The United Nations has included it as part of La Amistad Biosphere Reserve even though it is over 40 km. from the edge of that reserve.
Photo adapted from one by Gregory G. Divuian in an OTS brochure.

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