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Hitoy-Cerere Biological Reserve

This reserve is found 45 kilometers from Puerto Limon, SW of the Estrella Valley in the lower part of the Talamanca Range. It was founded in 1978 and has an area of 9,154.6 hectares.

This reserve is found in a very steep and broken area without a well defined dry season. The rainfall is moderately high, 3,500 mm/year. The two Bri-bri indian words that make up the name both are related to its wetness. "Hitoy" means mossy, as the growth on the rocks in its rivers, and "cerere" means clear water.

The forests here are multilevel, dense and extremely complex. Due to various factors, such as wind expossure, soil types, slope and drainage habitats with marcked differences, have formed. Emergent trees may reach 50 meters in heigth.

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