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ere, more than any where else, lies Costa Rica's charm. It is embodied in its forests, its unpredictable volcanos, its endless shores and its underwater marvels. If you haven't walked at least one of its jungle trails, you can't claim to have visited Costa Rica, for therein lies the essence of the country, its inner meaning, its vibrant skien of life woven between its enchanting shorelines to cover its craggy mountain chains. You can't reach out and hold it but there's something there, so that, once you've felt it, you'll never really leave Costa Rica behind, no matter where your body goes. But, enough of this. If you're here, it's time to enjoy Costa Rica's vividness. If you're not yet here, well, we'll help you to dream!

Click on the name in the list, for a description and photos of the conservation facility.
Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are from COSTA RICA - National Parks and other Protected Areas, and are shown with the publisher's permission.

La Amistad The international friendship park, part in Costa Rica and part in Panama.
Arenal A national park with a live volcano and almost daily eruptions!
Ballena A national marine park, mostly underwater.
Barra del Colorado A national park on the far North of the Caribbean Coast.
Barra Honda A national park in Guanacaste, famous for its endless limestone caves.
Braulio Carrillo A great forest tract very near San Jose.
Cabo Blanco An absolute Biological Reserve on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.
Cahuita A popular national park on the Caribbean Coast, South of Limon.
Carara A national park on the Nicoya Penninsula.
Chirripo A national park in the mountains. Highest point in Costa Rica.
Caño Negro A paradise for many aquatic birds
Coco There may be pirate treasure but there definitely is biological treasure!
Corcovado At last we set aside gold to value the wealth of nature!
Curu Small but beautiful
Gandoca-Manzanillo Incredible beauty seen by so few.
Golfito A great geological fault and endless nature!
Guanacaste Companion park to Santa Rosa
Guayabo Where an indian city existed for centuries
Guayabo & Negritos Rocky islands that sea birds love
Hitoy-Cerere Wet beauty in the jungle
Isla Bolaños Another sea bird rookery
Isla de Caño Sacred burial grounds and indian trading center
Irazu See what volcanos can do to wildlife!
Las Cruces A couple's dream of nature come true.
La Selva The best research facility in the wet jungles
Lomas Barbudal Where wasps and bees abound
Las Baulas Where people watch sea turtles lay!
Ostional More sea turtle nesting areas
Peñas Blancas White peaks and wildlife
Poas The sleeping giant
Palo Verde Aquatic birds for all
Rincón de la Vieja Where mud boils naturally
Santa Rosa Where history and nature meet
Tapantí Almost untouched by man
Tortuguero Canals and manatees

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