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Pre-paid Internet Access for Business Travelers and Touristis in Costa Rica!

What is Internet Xpress?
Internet Xpress service offers business travelers, tourists, and temporary residents to Costa Rica an affordable means to access the internet over a short period of time. This temporary access plan offers Internet access for a limited number of hours within a period of up to 2 months. This service is ideal for business travelers and tourists who need to check web based email, correspond with colleagues or collaborate on projects over the Internet.

What are the characteristics of Internet Xpress?

  • Access to the Internet and WWW
  • Access to Web based email accounts only (POP 3 Account not included)
  • Ability to change the password and to review available access hours through the SACI account-management system available at
  • No contract is required
  • Individuals may purchase prepaid access accounts in US $10 and $20 packages

What are the rates of the service?

The service will have a rate of US $1.00 per hour of consumption and it is offered in packages of US $10.00 and US $20.00 for 10 and 20 hours, respectively.

Where can one acquire this service?

At Informática Internacional, an authorized RACSA reseller, located in San José Ave 1a, between Calles 28-30 or 150 meters North and 50 West of Pizza Hut in Paseo Colón. For more questions emai

What are the restrictions that apply to this service?

  • In the event of loss, robbery, damage or misuse of the password by a third party, Informática Internacional is not responsible
  • No promotions of any nature apply
  • Package changes are not allowed

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