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Our Co-location Service allows businesses to "Locate" a server or servers in our state of the art Data Center. Your server(s) will have access to RACSA's fast, redundant internet connections as well as multiple UPS's, Cliamte Control, Halon fire systems, rack mounts, key card security and more! (see spec. sheet below) Co-location saves businesses the high investment required to maintain a full blown, in-house data center.

Do you need physical security for your equipment?
With our co-location service youíll have physical cabinet
space(or private office) for access to your servers.The cabinet (or private office) is antiseismic and protected against electrical surges.

Each cabinet (or private office) is accessable only by authorized personel via magnetic key card. We guarantee the following security measures.

  • Access to RACSA 24 hours a day through authorized lists
  • Key card with magnetic band to access data center.
  • Security guards and video cameras to supervise entrance to our building

What benefits will your company attain with co-location service?

  • Youíll avoid the risk of damages to the use of last mile trams (cooper physical lines and modems)
  • Direct access of the different platforms to our central nodes, which will give you high availability of links, saving in costs and physical security.

What does the colocation service provide to your company?

  • Rent of physical space to install your equipment
  • Constant energy supply
  • Cliamate Controled Environment
  • Physical security for your equipment
  • Direct connection to Internet backbone
  • Other technical needs to be negotiated.

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