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Unreliable site performance costs e-businesses money. In fact, according to a 1999 report by Zona Research, business web sites may be losing as much as $4.35 billion per year due to long download times and web page failures. The longer it takes for your page to load, the greater the chance your customer will leave - and wind up on your competitor's site!

Informatica now offers enhanced delivery of Web content for customers who require the ultimate in speed and reliability from their Web server(s). In partnership with SolidSpeed, Informatica now offers content cacheing accross a network of over 50 servers.

Your website content will be available on not only a single server, but an entire network of servers accross the United States. When a potential customer accesses your Web site, SolidSpeed cacheing technology will automatically route them to the closest, most available server to retrieve your content. This method of serving web content eliminates single points of failure associated with utilizing a single ISP or network. With points of presence on every major network SolidSpeed cacheing allows your users the fastest download times available. Utilizing our cacheing services will give your business an instant edge over the competition! SolidSpeed is currently the cacheing partner for IBM.

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