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No one could accuse San José of having too few watering holes, but outside of the hotels, there aren't too many places to have a quiet drink -- Tico bars tend to be on the lively side.

San Jose

Cafe Mundo (C. 15 and Avda. 9, Barrio Otoya, San José, PHONE: 222-6190) is a quieter spot frequented by gay men at night.

The second floor of the Casino Colonial (Avda. 1 between Cs. 9 and 11, San José, PHONE: 258-2827) is a quieter, less racy spot to watch a game in San José.

If you want to watch a game, and hang out with the gringos, you can try the bar in the Hotel del Rey (Avda. 1 between Cs. 9 and 11, San José) -- but be forewarned, this is a major pickup spot for San José's thriving prostitution trade.

El Bolinche (C. 11 between Avdas. 10 and 12, San José) and Kashbah (C. Central between Avdas. 7 and 9, San José) are two more of San José's many gay bars.

For a little taste of Mexico, head to La Esmeralda (Avda. 2 between Cs. 5 and 7, San José), a popular late-night spot where the locals gather to enjoy live mariachi music until the wee hours.

Manuel Antonio

The popular Barba Roja restaurant at the top of the hill in Manuel Antonio (Manuel Antonio, PHONE: 777-0331) has a bit of a bar scene to complement the dining -- and sweeping views of the shoreline.

San Jose's Sizzing West End

Escazu: Offers an exciting night life selection, some call it "zona rosa" where bars, restaurants, life entretaiment and discoteques are mixed up. SOME MUST TRY´S:

Sambuka: ( the place, not the drink) is terrific, you seat yourself on the balcony for some great people watching, enjoying your favorite drink.

Baabu: Is located at Trejos Montealegre shopping center, will let you into live music. Next to Baabu is Orale "La cantina" an international restaurant, with videos and the best margarita in the country and variety of tequila.

Sapo Verde: Video dance BAR-DISCOTEQUE , located in Plaza Colonial´s third floor is a state of the art with a wild selection of music and high-tech effects; there is an open bar all inclusive cover charge.

San Pedro

PK2: COCKTAIL & LOUNGE BAR:Located in The Mall San Pedro on the first floor.

A trendy place to see and be seen is El Cuartel de La Boca y El Monte (Avda. 1 between Cs. 21 and 23, San José), a large, low-ceiling bar, where young artists and professionals gather to sip San José's fanciest cocktails and share plates of tasty bocas (appetizers or snacks). It has live music on Monday and Wednesday night. Restaurant, Bar & Gallery, live music entretaiment, good cocktails to enjoy.

Rio (Avda. Central between Cs. 41 and 43), in the eastern suburb of Los Yoses, is usually rocking and crowded with young Ticos. Located in the Boulevard of Los Yoses, like Sambuka, you can stay at the balcony for people watching. At night and in the evening it is an excellent place to meet people.

If the Party continues!!!

El Pueblo: This complex offers variety of Restaurants, Bars & Discoteques, located 5 minutes from the Center of San Jose. San José's Spanish village-themed shopping arcade Centro Comercial El Pueblo (n, Avda. 0, San José) features a bar for every taste, from quiet pubs to thumping discos. Several of the bars have live music on weekends, so it's best to wander around and see what sounds good.

Lukas: Bar & Restaurant, open 24 hours , international cousine.

Rias Bajas: The only restaurant in Costa Rica specializing in seafood.
And many more restaurants.

You can dance all night at Infinito, Cocoloco,and La Plaza Disco Club . There are a lot of bars in which you can enjoy your favorite drink.

Try your Luck!!! (Casinos)

Aurola Holiday Inn , Downtown San José across from Morazán Park.

Premiere , Paseo Colon , Centro Colón.

Concorde, Hotel Irazú, 5 minutes away from San José. And many more around the country.

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